Wednesday, April 12, 2017


One of the coolest and most unique cities in the world, from their ruin bars to one of the biggest parliament in the world. Budapest has it all and I'm here to tell you where to go and see!  

 This city is probably one of the most affordable in Europe, so grab your luggage, book a ticket and find yourself on top of the Buda Castle, like me! For those that don't know BUDAPEST is actually made up of two cities “BUDA” &“PEST”. Buda is the historic part and is located in the western side. Pest is where the night life, restaurants and stores are by the eastern side.

My amazing friends and I in Budapest 2016

Budapest is a place for everyone to enjoy, since the currency there is Forint makes it extra affordable since is extremely inflated. 


Buda Castle and Castle Hill: The castle was build back in 1265, is the most historic place to visit located in the Buda part of the city. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes you will be walking ALL DAY.  

Hungarian Bath: You must go to one of their thermal baths! Its so fun and relaxing, they are a couple! make sure you go to Gellért Baths- they have indoor and outdoor pools, thats the one I visited. Theres another one (Széchenyi Baths) that everyone goes to but I hear not that many good things about it.   

Make sure you go after visiting the castle since its on that side of the city “BUDA”.  I walked from the castle to the thermal bath (Gellért Baths), is probably a 45 minutes walk, obviously after 20 minutes of walking we stopped at a bar on the side of the street to grab some refreshing beer, honestly the best way to see a city is by feet.

When I visited Budapest was during the summer mid July, they do Baths parties I heard nothing but GREAT things about it, I didn't go to one due to the time I stayed, but make sure you go to one and tell me all about it!! 

Here is the link on how to find out dates and time 

Hungarian Parliament Building: Located on the Danube riverside, this is one of the oldest legislative buildings in Europe and the 3rd largest Parliament building in the world!! 

Walk across the Chain Bridge: This is the bridge that connects BUDA with PEST, everyone walks it and is a great spot for pictures. If you're going to the BUDA castle this is the bridge that you will have to cross to make it to the other side. 

Central Market Hall: This is the place to go for local food and souvenirs. It's a 3 story market that has lots of little kiosks. Everything here is very affordable and you can bargain (my favorite)!! Market is closed on Sundays, make sure you always check times before going anywhere in Budapest.


You have to try “LANGOS” is actually a deep dried dough with various topping! My favorite is sour cream and cheese on top. YUM!! 

Restaurants here are very different (in a good way), from my whole trip we went out to eat 3 times and the rest we cooked since we stayed in a apartment for ourselves. Eat at any restaurant that you feel comfortable with the food they serve. 


This is probably my favorite part to talk about on this post, the bars in Budapest are nothing but the COOLEST AND MOST UNIQUE - they are called Ruin Bars. They are build in the Pest side of the city in the Jewish Quarter. 

After WWII this neighborhood was turn into shreds and they turned it into a underground bar scene. Each bar here is different but they are all funky, artsy, lively, insane decoration and great music. They are usually HUGE and with different rooms! 

My favorite Ruin Bar was Szimpla Kert and Instant. They are my favorite bars in the whole world actually, mostly because of the music and decoration.

Szimpla Kert: (located in Pest) Best bar in the world, the coolest and most unique place you will ever visit. The crowd is a mix of young foreigns and locals, mostly all outgoing people! This place is HUGE, I even got lost for 30 minutes trying to find my friends after going to the bar for a drink (of course). 

This place is just amazing!! You just have to see it.

Instant: (located in Pest broadway) one of the most lively area in Pest to party. Amazing decoration just like most of the Ruin Bars in Budapest!!

Club Studio: (Located on the mini island of Sziget) If you love house and techno this is the place for you. Its enormous and ranked 3rd biggest club in the world. 

Club Dokk: (located on Sziget Island on the Danube River, just north of the city center) Amazing place to go for good music and all night entertainment. 100% Recommended.

Sarita & Mari 

Budapest is one of those cities that you will dream about once you leave, there is always something to do here!  I am definitely planning on going back next time I'm in Europe.