Sunday, April 30, 2017


Here's a list of all my favorite moisturizers and the ones I use everyday! I have normal to oily skin, if you're wondering. 

1. Clinique - Pep Start: GAME CHANGER!! If you have oily skin this moisturizer will leave your skin perfectly matte and hydrated. My favorite of all times for day time or under make up! 

2. La Mer - Oil Absorbing: If you want to splurge on a moisturizer I recommend this one! Besides the price I love, love this moisturizer! Keeps face matte and shine free throughout the day. You can use it under makeup as a primer or by it self for a natural matte clean skin.

3. Simple - Moisturizer: This product is amazing for what the cost is! The formula is non greasy like others and easily absorbed into the skin.  They have the same one with SPF! 100% recommended. 

4. Glossier - Priming Moisturizer: I personally love this moisturizer as a primer! My skin is always glowing when I use it before my foundation. 

5. RoC - Eye Cream: If you use this eye cream every night for 2 weeks, you will see results! Great for under eye bags and lines.

6. Glossier - Super Pure: I use this product overnight before bed! This gel water serum helps with redness and zits!

Also, I heard amazing things about the Aveeno (positevely radiant) face moisturizer. I haven't try it yet, but if you have let me know :)

If you have any questions about a product please comment on it!



  1. Yes!

    Aveeno is great and cheap.

  2. Love Glossier, the supers are my favorites!

  3. Great product review

  4. thanks for sharing, I'm always having a hard time finding good mositurizers