Friday, June 9, 2017

"The Little Collar"

While everyone is currently working on finding the best accessory this summer, I’ve already found mine! These super cute wristbands that go with any summer outfit.

But where did I find them and how? You're probably wondering! I actually know the 2 girls behind this amazing project. Julia and Erika are childhood friends from way, way back! Their love for Dogs made them create “THE LITTLE COLLAR”.

The Little Collar, is a wristband that looks like a dog collar but for us to wear! The uniqueness of their prints and the reason why they are made just speaks for itself. Each one is handmade in the USA with love and care. 

On their annual trips to Ecuador they came close to see the suffering that dogs go through in foreign countries, due to poverty that most of the little towns faces.  Their main focus now is to help those dogs with food. For each collar sold, a day of food will be provided to a dog in need! I know they will continue to help in more ways as soon as people start knowing about “The Little Collar”.

I'm so happy to raise awareness and help spread the word about my new favorite wristband. For all of us that love dogs, we know that anything we can do to help, we will do! 

Check out their website to learn more!
                                                     Xo  D.

Erika & Julia at a Little Collar event.

The Little Collar, Patriot

The Little Collar, Tuck

The Little Collar, Shark Bait



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