Friday, September 1, 2017


Am I the only one that feels the need to leave the country every time I possible can? For me traveling is not just hopping on a plane to a new destination, is more than that. Is an urge I get for visiting a new place, country, city, anywhere I haven't been. Nothing I enjoy more that making and adding songs to my road trip playlist, hop in the car and drive to a new destination. 

No road trip is fully enjoyed until you do it with the people you love and enjoy spending time with. Trust me you will be stuck with them for hours, and nothing is more enjoyable than when you're  driving for 5 hours and you're feeling like time is flying after long conversations and singing throwback songs (90's goodies).

Traveling is something I discovered way back in the days, but my urge and love for traveling didn't start at the beginning, that type of love takes time. I truly and significally believe that traveling alone at least once in your life, is an experience, an eye opener and HUGE personal growth. Not everyone can just book a ticket and travel to a foreign country. But hey, I did it and it changed me completely.  

Back in the summer of 2015,  I decided to do it. I was just 22 years old with a one way ticket to Paris and no regrets to carry with me. 

Paris is a city that I felt in love the moment I landed. Knowing nothing but how to say oui and merci, I made it to my hotel by taking the train. Since I heard cabs are ridiculously expensive, (they actually are if there is lots of traffic) but I still wanted the adventure of taking the train alone in a foreign country,  I  decided to hop into my first solo adventure.

Before I got in the train, of course I google the closest train station to my hotel and every single type of information I would need. Don't feel shy to ask anyone about your train station, it's better to ask than to get lost, luckily I asked every single person I could, so that wouldn't happen to me.

After making it to my hotel, I was ready to start my day, that was around 1pm Paris time. I changed my clothes and started walking... and walking... and more walking. I would say I probably walked for 5 hours, until I finally made it to the Eiffel Tower. I stared at it for the longest I've ever stared at anything, I bought a crepe and I sat down to think.. 

I stayed in Paris for a total of 6 days, after that I went to Italy where I stayed for a month with a Friend of mine. 

I've been to Europe 3 times now and visited 13 countries.. There is just something about Europe that keeps me going back. 

My first trip alone was Paris, I went to every museum, coffee shop, vintage store, book store and read as many introduction of books as I could, in each store I visited. The best book I got and my favorite until today is "The Alchemist" if you haven't read this book, GET YOURSELF A COPY NOW and thank me later!!!!!!! I did everything I wanted to do in Paris without having anyone to tell me anything. Traveling alone is a mind opener and will make you realize that you can do anything you want, and that the only person you need is yourself. Traveling the world will be your teacher as it is mine. Immerse yourself into other cultures, try new things and let yourself change with every experience and take it all with gratefulness.

And just how I always say... You only have one life, so make it the best you can!! 

Hope this post helps anyone that is planning a solo trip for the first time : ) 

Happy travels!!

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