Welcome to Dizzy D In Style!

I'm so happy that you made it to my blog! Here you will find all the fun places to go when traveling, outfit ideas and home decor inspo from all over the world.

From starting a small novel with one of my best friends aka Miss A. About "the fuckboy phenomenon" which I still think it would be a best seller and will give you a LAUGH. To sketching my own shoe line back in my senior year of college and getting ripped off, to traveling, eating and learning new things everyday along the way. All of that made me realized that I always had a destination to go (a goal) and thats what made me who I am today.. The journey I took to get there. 

It started out as a thought and many comments of my amazing friends saying; Why don't you share all your traveling experiences and outfits by creating a blog? Those questions never really got to me, until I truly realized I have a deep love for traveling, eating and looking all CHIC by putting a great outfit together, while enjoying the company of friends and family along the route. Thats what I've always believed it's the way to live, the way to a happy life. Nothing makes me more excited than to invite you all to start this amazing journey with me. 

As my friends always said when I made them do spontaneous fun things #DIZZYDMADEMEDOIT this time Dizzy D made me create this page where my heart will be in each post, sharing all my favorite things in life - food, fashion, home decor & traveling.

Can't wait for all the adventures and pictures I will be taking along the way! 

XO Denisse 


  1. You are amazing! This blog will take over and I can't wait to see it all happen. Love you D

  2. Funny and smart! Good Job Denisse

  3. So glad I found this blog